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Nationals 2017 Scores

ATL/BTR 0.2.2 v San Diego 9.8.62

ATL/BTR 3.2.20 v Nth Carolina 2.5.17

ATL/BTR 3.0.18 v Arizona 7.11.53

1 - 2 Record for Weekend

All Time Games Played

Wayne Kraska 156
Michael Frost 148
Mike Powers 119
Ben Crist 82
Marty Hyder 82
Braden Medders 69
Alan Mobley 65
Brent Kewley 64
Curtis Jones 62
Dan Heffernan 61
Brent Bacon 60

Intertest in joining us or want to know more about Aussie Rules Football for both men and women here in Atlanta?

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