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Brent Bacon Returns To Kookaburras As Head Coach for 2016

Brent smAfter several years absence and playing occasional local footy in recent years the Atlanta Kookaburras are very pleased to have appointed Brent ('Piggy') Bacon as the 2016 Head Coach of the club. Brent last played Kookaburras footy in 2009 but since then has made several appearances with the Midtown Bombers in the local AARFL league.

Brent was instrumental in the development of the Atlanta Kookaburras from 2002 and especially the organizing of the 2004 USAFL National Championships held in Atlanta at the Cumming Polo Fields, near where he lived at that time. After arriving down from the Chicago Swans in 2002, where he was also an integral part of that clubs early development as a founding member, Brent took on his roles within the Kookaburras with much pride and passion.

Brent was Head Coach of the Kookaburras in 2004 and 2005, Assistant coach during other years and held the role of Club Captain from 2003 to 2005. Having played well over 120+ games in the USAFL for the Atlanta Kookaburras and the Chicago Swans he brings so much football experience and team development knowledge back to the Atlanta Kookaburras that the club can only be excited about the upcoming 2016 season under his leadership.

Welcome back "Piggy"...


Kookas Function To Start The Year

image1 1aThe Atlanta Kookaburras revive and Australian tradition by having a Jumper Presentation night. It'll be Saturday April 16th @ 8:00pm at the Kookas new social venue The Bird Rotisserie and Sports bar in Dunwoody (

Jumper presentations are where each player receives his Jumper (aka Jersey) for the footballing year.

Everyone is encouraged to come to start the year off in Kookas style. Bring your partner and friends. 


Where We Play

2020 Playing at NH Scott Park

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