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Successful AFLS Season 1, Season 2 rolls out May 5th

AFLS AtlantaThe first AFLS season here in Atlanta was a huge success no matter which way you look at it. Taking on the challenge to open up our game of Aussie Rules Football to as many people as possible, for a continual Social Co-ed league, the Kookaburras designed and organized AFLS season 1 after taking input from many areas.

The AFLS game no tackle version of the game, named after the Australian Football League and the Social component of the game, was trialed in Atlanta over 5 weekends from November to January. The Kookaburras took on much of the advice, comments and Ausball rules ratified by other team leaders around the USAFL, mainly from Baltimore and Sacramento. The Kookaburras would like to thank those who's advice contributed to our success.

Finding a field were we could play 2 games simultaneously was a huge win, enabling four teams to play concurrent games, a streamlined set up, organization and later socializing aspect, was a big win.

Through the trial games and Season 1 there have been 50 players take part in the AFLS games so far, with more than half getting a taste of Aussie Rules football for the first time, in a friendly social setting. With the finals of Season 1 to occur on April 14th after a short Easter break, Season 2 will roll out on May 5th with a "Come and Try Free" day. If you want to get active, meet some great new people, AFLS is the game for you. Our participants ranged from 20 years old to 60 years young, proving that it really is a game for everyone.

You can read more and follow the AFLS movement on social media by going to

Cindy Batten Gives AFLS a Try At 60

Cindy BattenJust maybe to prove that age is no barrier and that anyone can play AFLS, Social Aussie Rules Football, one of our debut players on Saturday a few weeks back was Cindy Batten. Cindy recently celebrated her 60th birthday. As many might be aware she has followed her Atlanta Kookaburra's Life Member husband Jim, around the USA many times to watch him play and umpire Aussie Rules Football for the Kookaburras over the past 14 years or so.

Cindy is no couch potato either, as an avid and competitive tennis player and her work caring for dozens of pets daily, ensures that exercise is part of her day. So it was not hard to imagine a game of AFLS would be out of her reach. With a few great possessions and a Super goal assist to her teammate Madison, Cindy let it be known that a few extra birthdays than some, should not hold you back from playing this great version of Aussie Rules Football.

Congratulations Cindy on possibly being the most senior female Aussie Rules Football player in the USA.

Check out more info on AFLS on the website.

AFLS Season Kicks off February 17th

AFLS Social Aussie RulesWe are excited to kick off the inaugural AFLS Social Aussie Rules Football Season at 10.45am on February 17th at NH Scott Park, Decatur. Four teams will play games for the 6 week regular season and then vie for the Premiership trophy in a playoff series. The game of AFLS is non tackle version of Aussie Rules football that is completely safe with no contact whatsoever. The games are fast, fun and high scoring and can be played by anyone.

We will be playing two games simultaneously so we can all socialize at breaks and after the games. Should be a load of fun. Players have come out for our 5 trial games have been split evenly onto four teams but there is plenty of room for extra players.New players will be given a run down of how to play. It takes only 5 minutes to learn.

The cost of the season of 7 games is $50 and for that you free passes for friends to try the game, umpires, free team shirt to play in, drinks during and after the game and snacks as well. Also insurance has been arranged via the USAFL where new players must registered and past players must update their details to be covered.

A new website also has been developed to capture all the information, update scores and stats and where you can pay your registration. Jump over to now and sign up.


Annual Meeting Brings Changes To The Kookaburras Board For 2018

Atlanta KookaburrasAt the 2017 Annual General Meeting of the Atlanta Kookaburras this week Wayne Kraska was elected back into the President's role.This will be his 8th time he will lead the club off the field. Jim Batten also stepped back onto the Executive Board as Treasurer, and it will be his 6th stint in that position. Braden Medders continued his role as Vice President, for the 6th occasion also and Ryan Downey 2017 MVP will continue on as club Secretary for the second time.

The club received reports from many of the Executive and Board of Management members on the night with outgoing President Jeff Whitlock saying he was very happy the way the club started 2017 but as in other years as is apparent, the club struggled to keep that momentum going. Outgoing Treasurer Stephanie Whitlock presented a report that showed the club had ran in the black and profited well over the year which is always nice to see. The meeting learned that thanks lies mostly with sponsorship's from Ameris Bank, Vengeance Racing and our social venue sponsor The Bird Bar & Grill in Dunwoody.

In attendance at the meeting was also Erica Barnett of Total Beverage Solutions, the distributing company of Coopers Brewing here in GA and Erica spoke of the great relationship Coopers already has with USAFL as well as the potential to grow the Coopers brand further in the Atlanta market with the help of the Kookaburras family.

As for what is ahead for the Kookaburras, new President Wayne Kraska spoke only about local growth of both players,supporters and the general public. Within the club to make this happen the club needed all players & supporters to be Kookaburra Ambassadors, to spread the word of the club and to support and champion any effort no matter how small that facilitates reaching any short or long term club goals.

Following the meeting the MVP vote count was conducted, superbly as always we might add, by the club statistician Jim Batten.

5k Foam Fest - Fun Fundraising Volunteer Event

foam fest 5kThe Kookaburras are partnering this year with the awesome 5k Foam Fest at Lake Lanier Islands on April 7th 2018. The event attracts thousands of participants and Kookaburra volunteers will be able to join in the fun as well has help the event run smoothly. Proceeds of the fundraising will assist with Kookaburras goal of expanding Aussie Rules in the Atlanta area and also assist players for road game expenses.

Everyone is welcome to join with us as the more people we sign up the greater impact we can have. Please reach out to us if you would like to help us and have a few friends that could come along. We guarantee everyone will have a blast.

Contact us here to join our volunteer list.

Read more about the 5k event here.

Ryan Downey Wins Kookaburras MVP

Ryan Downey MVPThe Atlanta Kookaburras are very pleased to announce that Ryan Downey has won the 2017 MVP and Mike Powers Medal. In a close count of the the votes for the 2017 MVP and Best & Fairest Award, Ryan nudged out club captain Brett Hester by two votes, his second runner-up trophy in as many years.

Tieing for third was first year player Chris Drick who after making his debut this year showed that after a few weeks you can be a great player in this sport. Chris also received the Coaches Award from Head Coach Brent Bacon. Other ties for third were Steve Townley and Wayne Kraska.

Ryan Downey also collected the coveted Best Clubman Award for his overall contribution to the clubs activities and goals on and off the field.

A Most Improved Award was awarded to another rookie Brian DePue and Best at Nationals went to Wayne Kraska.

The Award Winners

  • Best & Fairest 2017 – 
    ​Ryan Downey
     (+ perpetual) & Mike Powers Medal
  • Runner-Up Best & Fairest 2017 - 
    ​Brett Hester
  • Best First Year Player 2017 – Chris Drick
  • Coaches Award 2017 – Chris Drick
  • Best Clubman 2017 – Ryan Downey (+ perpetual)
  • Most Improved 2017 - Brian DePue
  • Best at Nationals 2017 - 
    ​Wayne Kraska

To see a full list of the Atlanta Kookaburras MVP votes for 2017 have a look here..

Congratulations to all the winners.

Picture: Ryan receiving his MVP award, Perpetual Trophy  and Mike Powers Medal from Head Coach and 2017 Life Member Brent Bacon.

Kookaburras Commence Partnership With Coopers Brewery

Coopers BreweryThe Atlanta Kookaburras Australian Rules Football Club are pleased to announce a partnership with Coopers Brewery of South Australia to be their prime brand ambassador in the Atlanta Georgia region.

The Atlanta Kookaburras were first formed in 1998 in the back lots of Dobbins Air Force Base in Marietta, GA but have since grown to be the #1 authentic Australian Football Club in Atlanta introducing Australian Rules Football to many Georgia regions through cultural events, social sports development and health and fitness programs.

Coopers Brewery has been a sponsor of Australian Rules Football in the USA since 2003 and were an integral part of the 2004 USAFL National Championships, held in Cumming GA. The success of that event has led to an annual tournament that is now the biggest Australian Rules Football event in the world.

Read more ...

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