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USAFL Atlanta KookaburrasThe 2019 Kookaburras will play the Ohio Valley River Rats for the first time in a home and away series. Also on the 2019 schedule is a game versus our old rivals the North Carolina Tigers to kick off the season and a new kid on the block Savannah. The Kookaburras will travel to Savannah late June with men's and women's teams in their plans to expand the teams in Georgia. With games v Rome GA like in 2018, the Kookaburras schedule shows shorter travel distances and an emphasis on regional development.

Exciting news as well added to that is the Women Kookaburras are back in 2019. The Kookaburras women's team last played as a group in 2010 at the USAFL Nationals joined up with Sacramento, in what was the first Nationals appearance of the Sacramento Suns Women's team. The early Women's Kookaburras were 3 time National Champions and are looking to get back to that standard in as short a time as possible.

The Kookaburras and it's new women's team for 2019, are excited to help the fantastic growth of women's footy in the USA and around Georgia in 2019. The Kookaburras men's team look to continue their journey back to Division 1 of the USAFL.

Where We Play

2020 Playing at NH Scott Park

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