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Atlanta KookaburrasAt the 2017 Annual General Meeting of the Atlanta Kookaburras this week Wayne Kraska was elected back into the President's role.This will be his 8th time he will lead the club off the field. Jim Batten also stepped back onto the Executive Board as Treasurer, and it will be his 6th stint in that position. Braden Medders continued his role as Vice President, for the 6th occasion also and Ryan Downey 2017 MVP will continue on as club Secretary for the second time.

The club received reports from many of the Executive and Board of Management members on the night with outgoing President Jeff Whitlock saying he was very happy the way the club started 2017 but as in other years as is apparent, the club struggled to keep that momentum going. Outgoing Treasurer Stephanie Whitlock presented a report that showed the club had ran in the black and profited well over the year which is always nice to see. The meeting learned that thanks lies mostly with sponsorship's from Ameris Bank, Vengeance Racing and our social venue sponsor The Bird Bar & Grill in Dunwoody.

In attendance at the meeting was also Erica Barnett of Total Beverage Solutions, the distributing company of Coopers Brewing here in GA and Erica spoke of the great relationship Coopers already has with USAFL as well as the potential to grow the Coopers brand further in the Atlanta market with the help of the Kookaburras family.

As for what is ahead for the Kookaburras, new President Wayne Kraska spoke only about local growth of both players,supporters and the general public. Within the club to make this happen the club needed all players & supporters to be Kookaburra Ambassadors, to spread the word of the club and to support and champion any effort no matter how small that facilitates reaching any short or long term club goals.

Following the meeting the MVP vote count was conducted, superbly as always we might add, by the club statistician Jim Batten.

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