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Baton Rouge home 2017The Atlanta Kookaburras are at a midway point of their 2017 season with a 2-3 game record. With the Atlanta summer upon us the Kooka's continue to train once a week on Saturday mornings and look forward to some summer local games and of course Summer Social Events. The first of those social events is next Saturday June 24th where we join the party of Atlanta United fans and other supporters for a tailgating extravagnaza and everyone is invited.

In April the Kookaburras took 6 new players for their first game to Nashville in Music City and went down to a more experienced team on the day. Was great to see debuts from, Maggio, Karena, Franchini, Johnson, Wright, Depue and the return of Townley to the Kooka's fold. Our first home game was also a loss unfortunately to Nth Carolina, where each team went goal for goal all through the game until NC pulled away in the last quarter to sink the Kookas first game win of the year. Debuts of Olsen and Drick, the latter who was just walking past the field on the day and decided he wanted to play, were impressive. Old timer Kraska also chipped in for 5 goals.

The Kookaburras first win came a month later in May to the Baton Rough Tigers. Great opponents as always the Kooka's were able to pull away however in the second half for a comfortable 40 point win, with Townley showing his class on one leg kicking 6 goals for the game. Well umpired too by our own Kooka's Life Member Jim Batten.

In June we ventured again to Nashville where they hosted Tampa as well for a three way tourney. The Kookaburras were able to beat a stacked Tampa team full of Nashville alumni back for their 20 year anniversary celebrations, with Aman Mullee on debut for the Kooka's but where unable to hold off the Nashville team in the second game of a very hot day. Wayne Kraska playing his 150th game for the Atlanta Kookaburras had to settle for a disappointing defeat.

You can read all the game day scores and goalkickers for the 2017 Kookaburras footy season here.

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